To see further, to know more

17.02.2014 – 30.06.2015 – project conducted within the scope of the public task 9.1. Equalization of educational chances and providing high quality of educational services performed within the framework of the educational system as the answer to the needs of the Primary School number 1 in Lodz

The main aim of the project is Equalization of educational chances and development of key competences related to mathematics, entrepreneurship, informatics, foreign languages through the delivery of corrective and didactic-compensatory activities and extracurricular out-of-school activities.

Moreover the pupils of the Primary School number 1 in Łódź will have the possibility of participation in additional visual arts and music activities.  The complementing of the didactic programme with additional activities in music and arts is necessary from the point of view of enhancing creativity and abstract thinking capacity development among young people which is needed in everyday life and in professional life.

Within the framework of the project there was IT equipment acquired for the IT skills training room.  The interactive blackboards bought made it possible for the teachers to create authorial didactic programmes and to get the pupils involved into the activities.